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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my peonies to arrive?

We ship our peonies FedEx Overnight. They should be at your destination within 24hrs of shipping.

What do I do when my peonies arrive?

Snip the stem ends at an angle, put blooms into a vase filled with lukewarm water and add the flower preservative packet that comes with your order to lengthen your flowers life.

How long will my peonies last?

Depending on the variety they could last a few days to a week.

How much will it cost to ship my flowers? Do I need to pay for the packaging materials?

Shipping costs range from about $20-$60 depending on your location and order size.

We have a $10 flat rate for boxes and gel packs. $10 covers your entire order, so do not worry if you have multiple boxes! We package our flowers as environmentally friendly as possible and we ask that you please dispose of the packaging responsibly.

When are peonies available?

Our very unique climate allows us to grow peonies from July to September. Alaska has long days of light allowing our flowers to become up to 3x larger than growers in other areas of the world!

How do I order peonies?

Check out our varieties, then give us a call at (907)-399-2195 or fill out an inquiry below.

Peony Inquiries

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