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The Dance of The Peonies

So this is the first time I have written an blog post.

It is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time of year. We have cut around 600 flowers in the last couple of days. The field is full.

As I look out there I can see the thousands of heads bobbing in the wind, the dance of the flowers, they bend and swirl as a low pressure system rolls over us. It will be a good season. It already has been. They look strong and healthy. The weather has been kind to us. We get sun when we need it and rain when when they are thirsty.

As I drink my tea I wonder how my morning will be?

I will whip together some waffles for our breakfast and head out to the field. Will there be thousands that need to be picked or just a few hundred?

I am happy with a light day as my muscles ache from work. Here I go...

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