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Seamus' Take On Peony Season

It rained yesterday. A lot. When we picked in the morning, it was overcast, but not raining. Then at about 1 in the afternoon it started pouring rain.

When we picked for the second time in the evening, it had been raining for a couple hours, and everything was soaked. The canopy that we grade the peonies under kept out most of the rain, but somehow all of the tables were still soaked. Having no better idea, I got five bath towels from our house and we used them to mop the water of the tables.

When the picking was done, we still needed to strip the leaves off and grade them. I had gotten some of it done, but not much. When we finally finished, we had picked and graded over 200 Moonstone, and about 75 bowl of cream. This put our total amount picked yesterday over 500 flowers.

Now I am sitting on my bed the next day, which, I think it is Wednesday, writing this, and looking out my window. It looks identical to how it looked yesterday morning, but, I don’t think it is going to rain.


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